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Most people sleep for far less time than they should be sleeping because of their busy daily schedule. Many people regard the time spent on sleeping as a waste of  time, but sleeping well is important for a person's physical and mental health.

Studies have shown that people who suffer from sleep deprivation affects the ability to learn verbal skills. They learn new verbal skills more slowly compared to people who have rested well. They are likely to stammer, stutter or slur while speaking. People who have slept for only four hours also solve mathematical problems more slowly compared to persons who are very well rested. Multitasking ability of an individual is affected by lack of  sleep. A person who has a poor night's sleep, complete fewer daily tasks and may not enjoy their routine activities.

 Since the person who has not slept well is less alert , their safety at home and at work is affected. They are more likely to be involved in accidents and also suffer from depression. Lack of  sleep can cause many physical ailments including heart disease.  Sleep increases the production of proteins in the brain, which are used to regenerate the neurons in the brain. When a person does not sleep well, neurons are not produced and the amount of  information a person can retain decreases.

Continuous lack of  sleep can cause death since the immune system is affected. The number of white blood cells in the body decreases and the activity of  the white blood cells in the body decreases. The metabolic rate decreases and sugar is more likely to converted into fat.  The amount of  growth hormone produced by the body also decreases. If  a person does not sleep for a few days, the brain automatically shuts down for small periods called microsleep.

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